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IMPORTANT INFORMATTION Bulk Category listings (100, 500 & 1000 packs) of multi tool blades offer buyers the opportunity to purchase larger quantities at greater discounts.

All orders from Bulk Category listings are factory direct supplied. This direct to customer delivery reduces handling and postage costs which we pass onto our customers by offering greater discounts.

Delivery time to Australia and New Zealand ranges from between 6 and 9 days for all 100 packs and from 13 - 19 days for all 500 and 1000 packs.

Asian countries can expect similar delivery times.

Deliveries to Europe and the Americas can expect to add up to 7 days to the Australian and New Zealand delivery estimations above. All orders are tracked and we offer a 100% money back guarantee. multi tool blades are of the highest quality and have been vigorously tested.

Order bulk multi tool blades and save.


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