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Welcome to . It is our goal to consistently provide a convenient and reliable online store for people to source the ever increasing range of multi tool blades.

The popularity and diverging range of uses for the multi function tool has grown significantly in the last decade. With the ever increasing demand for multi tool accessories, the convenience of having a wide selection of multi tool blades to choose from, and all in one place, is appealing to tradesmen, handymen and even hobbyists. With today's time constraints convenience is even more important than ever.

The range of uses for multi tool blades has expanded considerably over the years. Many purposes include wood carving, sanding, a large range of cutting applications such as grout removal, tile cutting, wood and light metal cutting. They can be used for various grinding applications to remove all kinds of materials.

Multi-function tool blades can also have a variation in attachment compatibility, known as the arbor. Not all multi tool blades will fit all machines. Therefore, it is important to select the correct arbor for your specific tool. However, there are universal adapters which can be used and are available here if needed.

All blades are made of high quality metal. The range of diamond, carbide and wood working blades are of excellent quality, guaranteed to do the job, as are all the available grinding and sanding attachments. We’ve personally tested the diamond and carbide blades. Both blades were put to the test in various bathroom re-grouting applications.

All items are posted promptly. Please visit often as we will be constantly updating the range of multi tool blades and accessories.

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