General Uses For Multi Tool Blades

Multi Tool blades are excellent for cutting wood. For example, if you are replacing a kitchen, there might be a little bit of skirting board or wood trim that won’t let you fit in you new kitchen bench. Pull out the Multi Tool and you can make a precise cut to remove the obstacle. It’s a handy tool to have for those who renovate.

When it is time to put in that new door, for example, this little machine comes into its own. Don’t waste time trying to cut the shims with a knife or a saw. You could use the HSS 3.5” Circular Quick Release multi tool blade and make very short work of it indeed.

The use of a Multi Tool is never more apparent until you find something you need to cut, but it’s in a really awkward position. There may be a copper pipe for example that just has to go. It’s almost out of reach. But with the 45mm Quick Release BI E-cut multi tool blade, you could save yourself a lot of hassle.

Another great use, cutting out rusted bolts or nails. For example, say you’ve got some rusted bolts holding down an old toilet that you need to remove. A metal multi tool cutting blade can make a difficult little job so much quicker and easier. In minutes you will be able to cut through the bolts.

The 2” Quick Release Scraper would be a handy addition to your multi-tool blade collection. It is very handy for quickly removing residual construction adhesive, excess silicone and other soft materials that won’t come off easily. There are few different types of scraping blades that will suit your purpose. These blades are sharp, so be careful.

Some Multi Tools will require adapters to fit different types of blades. Having an adapter will give you more options if your Multi Tool does not fit certain blades. We provide Multi fit standard blades here at

Another awesome use for a multi tool is regrouting. Go to the regrouting article page for more information.

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