The triangular multi tool carbide rasp and the finger rasp are used primarily for grinding back softer materials such as wood and adhesives.  We don’t recommend using these on metal surfaces.

One of the predominant uses for the triangular rasp is the removal of tile adhesive. When a tile needs to be replaced the rasp is used for grinding down the remaining tile adhesive. If the adhesive is not ground down the new tile will not sit flush with the remaining floor tiles when it is glued down.

Here is a demonstration video of a tile replacement;

As a former tile and grout restoration specialist, I definitely used the rasp for the above tile replacement purposes. It is a tool that is necessary if you are carrying out this kind of work.  I have seen men trying to remove tile glue with a hammer and chisel before, trust me, that really is not fun. It is also a bit risky because of the chance of a slip and accidentally cracking a neighbouring tile.

The carbide finger rasp, less commonly used, is a great rough grinding tool and can be used to file surfaces that are not too hard.

In essence, the triangular multi tool carbide rasp makes quick work of removing old tile glue and is a necessary accessory in the tile and grout restoration trade.

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