We are proud to annouce that Multi Tool Blades Australia has now begun to advertise it's products on Ebay. The first item to go on sale is the 2 inch multi tool blade scraper.

 As our presence online continues to grow we will be adding more quality product listings on Ebay. We believe the extra competition that this creates will make the cost of acquiring multi function blades even more affordable. This is a win win for consumers accross Australia.At the moment there are intenational businesses that are targeting the Australian market. So, in effect, Multi Tool Blades Australia (multitoolblades.net) will cut out the middle men and reduce the costs to the Australian public.

The introduction of Amazon will also see new opportunities open up over the coming years. As the Amazon site expands in Australia we will surley see a new era of competeion in the retail sector. This will definelty benefit the consumer. It will be interesting to see how traditional Australian retail stores cope with the added competiton. To guarentee survival it would be a good idea for retailers to move swiftly into a competative online presence.

Turning attention back to Ebay, being well established in Australia, we believe ebay will be around for a long time to come.

Hence we are moving into advetising with Ebay. With the current policies regarding new accounts, it will take a moderate amout of time for our business to fully pentrate the market on this platform. However, despite this, we a looking forward to providing excellent and competative products in the near future.

ebay listing for multi tool blade scraper
Check out the first item to go on Ebay - search the term "Multi tool blade scraper' in Ebay.

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