This handy little blade makes a great addition to any multi-tool blade collection. Its main purpose is to remove grout, usually in tight spaces.

The 10mm narrow carbide finger blade is available to purchase online CLICK HERE.

The narrow blade is great for grout removal around the centre drain pipe in a shower recess. If you are thinking about doing this yourself, it is quite easy. If the grouting gap from the tiles to the drain is small, you can use this Narrow Finger Blade to slightly file back the edge of the plastic drain pipe itself. It’s quite ok to do this as I have done it many times myself. Avoid trying to push too hard into the tiles, as this can cause small chips at the top of the tile.

It’s also very handy with tiles that have a small gap around 1 – 2mm. It can be used in hard to reach corners and is very useful with rounded tiles.

10mm narrow carbide multi tool blade

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Always remember to use ear muffs, eye protection and breathing protection. Do not inhale grout dust.

Below is a demonstration of the 10mm Narrow Carbide Finger Multi Tool Blade in action on a narrow strip of grout.

If you are new to cutting grout from a shower recess there are a few things you should be aware of. Never cut too deep. Remember that the is a water proofing seal below the tiles, so if you cut too deep it is possible to put a hole in it. This could be a costly mistake. The key is, don’t push to hard downward on the multi-tool and you should be fine.

Another great idea, when you have removed all the grout from the shower base, is to grout it with epoxy grout. This type of grout is superior to standard grouts. Although it is more difficult to work with, when complete, you shower base grout will be tough. It won’t erode, crack or stain. It’s totally water proof also. Epoxy grout, by law, must be used in commercial food production areas.

Epoxy grout is more difficult to work with. But, it can be done as a DIY job without much fuss if you do a little homework first. Always read the label of the product. Make sure you have proper protective equipment. Ardex Australia has some excellent new products that make it easier for the home do-it-yourself person, check out

There is an ever increasing range of multi tool accessories. This particular multi tool blade – the 10mm narrow carbide finger is a very handy addition, especially for re-grouting professionals.

What our demonstration video here.

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