The web site is still quite young. As the owners of the site, we forecast it will grow substantially in 2018. With the ever increasing range of Multi Tool Blades, it is our goal to provide a marketplace where people can find the attachments they are looking for.

It is such a hassle these days, searching across the net only to not find what you are looking for. Places like eBay are a great tool to find stuff. However, specifically for multi tool blades, it can be quite difficult as there are literally thousands of listings; it’s hard to know where to start. is specifically built for Australians and New Zealanders to streamline the process of finding the blade that you need, fast. No more trying to find that elusive blade, typing in multiple keywords several times over. Also, as a top priority, our customers should know they’ll always get a good deal here and hence, never have to search in vain again.

New types of blades are hitting the market regularly. As popularity grows for new types blades it is important that people can find a quality product quickly. It is also important that people can find useful information and even some training videos for certain types of blades.

The owners of would like to invite people with experience to assist us in creating this space. If you think you have something useful to share, either an article or maybe a demonstration video, please feel free to get in touch with us using the contact form.

All multi tool blade articles and videos must be originals, we will check. If your article or video promotes a competitor, it will not be accepted. In return we can offer a “do follow” link or two (negotiable) back to your site. Of course, only moral and ethical sites will be linked which is totally at the discretion us, the site owners.

So if you know of a new blade that, maybe, is going to be the next big multi tool accessory, write to us and let us know.

Maybe you’re a DIY web blogger. You could make a small video and we’d be happy to post it in exchange for a link to your blog.

We are happy to collaborate with honest helpful people. Drop us a line if you’re interested in creating a multi tool blade video or article.

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