People are catching on very quickly about the versatility and variety of functions and purposes for multi function tools. With such a variety of multi-tool blade attachments these days, it is a very handy addition to one’s power tool collection.

The multi-function tool is fast becoming a necessary supplement or even a replacement (in some circumstances) for common tools like Jig Saws, Circular Saws and Reciprocating Saws. Also, these tools are much safer because they oscillate, they don’t spin at high revolutions. Although you can still injure yourself it would likely be less serious.

Multi-tool functions give you the ability to file, cut, grind, rasp and scrape. They are handy time saving tools. Check out the range of multi tool blades in the online store here.

Re-grouting is a common used blade. Multi-tool diamond blades or those with carbide edges are used for this purpose. Both are excellent for grout removal, however, the diamond blade offers more precision and is best used with more fragile tiles. Theses blades are also used to grind or shape wood, concrete and other materials.

For oscillating attachments required to cut, there is a diverse range.

HCS (high carbon steel) blades are best suited for softer materials, they can be blunted or bend when used incorrectly or with hard materials.

The HSS (high speed steel) blades can withstand longer periods of use at higher speeds and temperatures, definitely suited to the tradie that does a lot of cutting. For precision cutting, japan style teeth is recommended.

The Bi-Ecut blades are suited for cutting tougher materials such as an annoying nail that gets in the way. Generally these blades are suitable for cutting lighter grade metal materials and the edge is usually thicker gauge HSS unless otherwise stated. The connecting attachment section of Bi-Ecut blades is made of HCS (high carbon steel). This ads flexibility and reduces hard multi-function tool vibration, also extending the life of the blade edge.

Scraping and sharp edge cutting blades are being used more often these days. Multi tool scraping attachments are likely to become more popular over time as word of mouth spreads about their usefulness. Some types of jobs for these types of blades are, cutting carpet or removing sealants among a few.

The range of multi-tool attachments is bound to increase over time as developers discover new ways to apply the multi-function tool. It will be interesting to see the developments over the next 10 years.

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