The flush cut (3.5”) 90mm Semi Circular Multi-tool Blade HSS is a must for tradies, handymen and hobbyists alike. It will cut a variety of materials including wood, a range of plastics and thin sheet metal. The Blade is designed with the centre attachment being off-set. This allows you to do flush cuts easily.

90mm semi circular blade

The blade is made to be very easily replaced as the attaching arbor to the 90mm HSS blade is designed release quickly. It can cut hard woods and softer metals up to about 3mm thick.

A very handy tool to attach to your multi-tool, it can is a well suited cutting attachment for other materials like copper, tin, drywall and aluminium. The strength and precision of the circular design will give the user stability and accuracy when cutting.

The centre off set attachment allows for greater precision when cutting. This also allows the face to mount flush and flat to any cutting surface.

Do be fooled by cheap designed blades. HSS (High Speed Steel) blades are constructed with harder type metals. These blades will last longer  than your typical carbon steel cutting blades which will typically bend and lose their cutting edge quickly.

Should you have any questions regarding this product please feel free to contact us. Any enquiries or feedback is welcomed.

The 90mm HSS circular multi tool blade with quick release is a quality tool bit. You can find it in the Multi Tool Blades E-store.

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