The 2 inch stainless steel blade scaper has a sharp edge which is ideal for removing adhesives especially in those hard to get to corners of bathrooms or kitchens. 

The multi tool blade scraper is also perfect for removing old carpet which is often glued to the floor.  Just run the blade along the adhesive line and pull back the carpet as you go.  Job made easy!

Silicone is a common sealant and is tricky to remove.  Not with the 2 inch scraper blade though.  It will be gone in no time.

These are great for scraping paint as well. Forget about scraping manually, using a multi-tool is the only way to go. If you are looking for multi tool blade scapers for paint removal these ones will do the job.

Wallpaper is also notoriously difficult to get rid off.  Now with multi tool machines and their blades getting it off the wall has become a whole lot easier. Grab your oscillating multi tool, attach the 2 inch scraper multi tool blade and attack that old wall paper.  It won’t stand a chance!

The quick release multi fit standard design of this blade makes it compatible with multi fit standard oscillating multi tools such as AEG, Bosch, Chicago Tools, Craftsman, Dewalt, Dremel, Einheel, Fein FMM 250, Fein Multi Master, Ferm, Makita, Pro-Line, Skil, Tool Shop, Westfalia and More.  You can use our “Advanced Search” feature on our website to see if the blade will fit your multi tool machine.  Just look for the big orange button that says “Click here for Advanced Search” on the top right of our website and use the “select your machine*” feature.

The 2 inch scraper stainless steel quick release multi tool blade is now available at  Use the “Search item or SKU number” search box located at the top middle of our eStore page and enter the SKU number: 0031.  This will bring up the blade quickly and easily whereby an easy purchase can be made. 

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