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Multi tools and their incredible range of attachement blades are perfect tool for Tradesmen, Do It Your Selfer's, Grouter/Tilers, Painters, Carpenters, Farmers, Remodelers - Renovators, Drywallers, Panel Beaters, Carpet layers, Furniture Makers and Builders.

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Multi Tool Blade Applications

Since the invention of the multi tool, its use and variety of applications continues to grow. This versatile power tool with its incredible range of multi tool blades is capable of sanding, polishing, grinding, rasping, cutting and scraping. It is used by tradesmen, handymen and even artists as an important working tool.

Multi tool blades are diverse and include blades for removing grout, cutting hard to reach copper pipe, shaving timber to fit that new kitchen and in the list goes on. The offset blades allow the user the option to cut a flush finish if desired. Oscilallting tool blades have become a handy tool that allow great accuracy for installation jobs. For example, installing shirting board to floor boards where there is a slightly uneven floor. Shaving a small amount out of the skirting can make installation quick and easy.

Another useful advantage is the multi tools ability to work in hard to reach places. Multi tool cutter blades can be attached in a multiple range of angles which is excellent for people trying to cut in tight places. Also the advance in battery technology has freed up the multi tool, making those hard to reach places even easier. The oscillating multi tool has made corners more accessible than ever.

An improvement in productivity has resulted from the invention of the oscillating tool blade. Adjustments can be made on the go, without the need to remove timber or obstructions. Many such adjustments would have been slower and more complex in past methods of work.

Multi-Tool-Blades-Australia-Narrow-Finger-Blade Unlike rotating power saw tools, oscillating multi tool blades rotate through a small angle, back and forth. Not only is this safer but it provides a more versatile and accurate cutting action for fitting and refining purposes. For the purpose of sanding, this is gives people the ability to reach into tight corners as well.

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